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Who is Ceasius Kakius?? 2016

This is the introduction to “The Story of Ceasius Kakius”, a children’s book by Peruvian-Australian artist Ceasius Kakius, encouraging you to look inside yourself and uncover your deepest desires. 2017

Manly Art Project by Ceasius Kakius
aka MACK Project

Find out more about this innovative community Art project that Ceasius Kakius started in Manly in 2014....

Why the glowing in the dark paintings ?? 2017
Art Hub interview 2015
Interview with Ceasius Kakius 2009

La Chaparrita Stories

Interview with Ceasius Kakius about dreams 2018
Videos & Interviews
Ceasius Kakius: Retrospective

How do we know if our dreams are right or wrong? Ceasius Kakius, the character created by artist Diego Acevedo Llosa, takes us through a quick journey reflecting on this idea; emphasizing how important it could be to travel to the past and explore notions of freedom and fear. “I’m scared of being scared, that’s the only thing I’m scared about” says Ceasius Kakius.I really enjoyed listening to his thoughts, especially now that I’m in my 30s. Hope you enjoy this video that La Chaparrita Stories edited and directed a few weeks ago.  Maria Jose Cruz 2010

Peru Amazonico Exibition

Customs House, City of Sydney

In 2013, Ceasius Kakius  was appointed art director for Peru Amazonico - an international photography exhibition based at Customs House in Sydney. The exhibition featured works from the top photographers in Peru and was displayed across 3 levels of the Customs House building. The Opening Event welcomed celebrities, politicians and important figures from both nations, coming together to celebrate 50 years of Australian-Peruvian Relations.

Press release


Interview with E.F.E Australia

Action Painting with guest artist, Patricia Acevedo Llosa.

Radio Interview with SBS (Spanish) 2013

Photo gallery

Photos of Ceasius Kakius with other artists in studios and exhibition spaces.

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