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Artist Statement


"The purpose of Transformative Art is to facilitate and accelerate the evolution of human consciousness intentionally and directly, mastering Contentment Flow within. Therefore, the idea is not only to create something aesthetic and conceptual but also something that is useful for long-term neurocognitive and spiritual transformation, serving humanity to achieve higher levels of consciousness and contentment ".

Ceasius Kakius




Ceasius Kakius (Diego Acevedo Llosa) is a Peruvian-born, Australian-based artist, entrepreneur and spiritual teacher. His creative practice takes up themes of human consciousness.  


Ceasius Kakius probes states of being as they relate to the artistic object: suffering and contentment, catharsis and flow. His techniques span a powerful combination of psychoanalytic and creative tools, encompassing clinical hypnosis, mindfulness, breathwork, positive psychology and projective techniques.


An accomplished abstractionist, his paintings initiate a process of cognitive, emotional and spiritual transformation. Throughout—and via a layered process of storytelling, metaphor, visual luminescence, and visualisation—he channels beliefs, blocks and limitations. His canvases thus comprise the outcome of a meditative process, one spanning the connection between self and other. 


Ceasius Kakius lives and works in Manly beach, Sydney

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