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The Story of Ceasius Kakius
Episode I, II, III

The children's version of the story of Kuluskuntranus written and illustrated by Ceasius Kakius.

Discover Kuluskuntranus, a world of wonderful new creatures who live in love and happiness. Some live with their families, some live by themselves. They live in the oceans, in the mountains and high up in the skies.

Some creatures are tiny, some are very, very big.

But all of them are happy.

Until one day an unexpected visitor arrives...


Ceasius Kakius: Renaissance

Artist Biography and collection of works from Ceasius Kakius​

"My work is created using a wide range of materials including charcoal, pigments, inks, resin, papers, 3D objects, acrylic and oil paints - but I can't stop myself experimenting with new media all the time! I have a tendency to create "emotional line" work, with passionate application of materials and a child-like irreverence for formal representational works. The figures in my paintings subtly explore themes concerning the meaning of life which I believe is "to find love" not just between couples, but between friends, fathers, sons, brothers and sisters... even love between ourselves... as simple as that... reaching happiness from within."

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