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"​There is life and energy as well as cheer colours in Diego's artwork"

- Tony Abbott, Former Prime Minister of Australia 


"​You get the picture"

- Seb Murat, Former world record free diving



- Kerri Pottharst, 2x Olympic gold medall / Motivational Speaker

“Hi Diego I am delighted to endorse both your wonderful art work and your immense passion for promoting the arts and the artists themselves. Your deep understanding of the arts goes beyond the majority. Also for your wonderful support of the arts through the Eramboo Artists Environment at Terrey Hills where I am blessed to have a studio space and your interest in all of the programs being run there.”


- Irene Gorman, artist in residence at Eramboo

"Beautiful art from a beautiful spirit"

- Sanna Purinton, Spirit Consciousness Facilitator/ Clairvoyant/ & Writer


"​If you are looking for real art, art that moves you, that touches your heart, art that makes you question yourself then you have to check this guy!"

- Jeff Slayter, Motivational Speaker and Marketing Consultant

One of the Top 10 online marketing consultants and  Business psychology Coaches in the world:, Industry Rockstar TM.

"Thank you Diego for taking the time and care to develop an extraordinary dialogue with the subconscious...

Takes a great deal of courage!!"

-Tom Carroll, world champion surf legend.

Tom Carroll is a former professional surfer from Newport, Sydney and won several international titles including the 1987 Pipe Masters. He became the first surfing millionnaire after signing with Quicksilver in 1989.


"Diego’s enchanting stories, so uniquely illustrated, are a delight to children and parents, and are capable of activating children’s imaginations in utterly new and beneficial ways."


- Thomas Keneally, Novelist

Thomas Michael Keneally, AO is one of the greatest Australian novelists.  He is best known for writing Schindler's Ark, the Booker Prize-winning novel of 1982 which was later adapted to Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

 “I like the way Diego’s children’s book has an open and gentle approach to the subject of friendship. The adventure of exploring the book was a real joy and felt very open and accessible, good fun to read and play with. It brings a quiet and understanding perspective on community, communication and opens us to subjects that are vital in our societies today. The joy of finding hidden images is like finding friends, you never know where one might be with just a little looking and an open heart. Look deeper. Even though at first glance you may have the story laid out, look again. The joy of Diego’s book is in its ability to quietly give the reader/s the option to receive the message.”


- John Pike, 2013, artist, writer and art teacher


"I just love Diego's artworks, I love his energies... it's as simple as that!"



- Ian & Barbara Chappell, Art collectors, Cricket Legend

Ian Chappell captained Australia's cricket team in 1971-75 and earned a reputation as one of the greatest captains the game has ever seen. Since his retirement in 1980 he prusued a high-profile carreer as a journalist and sports commentator with Channel 9.



"Diego is always a few steps ahead of most when it comes to creativity and innovation."


- Robert Berkelouw, co-owner of Berkelouw Books

Today Berkelouw Books is Australia's largest rare and antiquarian, secondhand, and new bookseller. - See more at:

"We have been lucky enough to have worked with Diego (Ceasius Kakius) on many levels. He has given new life to our artworks with his professional service, we have purchased numerous pieces from the gallery by inspirational local artists and of course we we are the proud owners of several beautiful paintings by Ceasius Kakius (Diego) himself.He is a true artist in every sense of the word"


- Marcus and Caroline Blackmore, Art collectors
Blackmores has been an multimilionar natural health industry leader in Australia for more than 70 years.

"I love the detail of the macro and microcosm and its intrinsic relationship with the universe and life’s spirituality therein on Diego's work. Also its relationship to human kind, which I consider is no more important than life forms around it."


- Max Miller, Artist & one of the best master printers in Australia

Max Miller is the master printer of John Olsen

“Diego Acevedo Llosa is a skilled artist whose work radiates the lively energy within him.

His strong sense of colour and his enthusiasm for life are key characteristics. Beyond that is evidence of a spiritual soul.He has brought with him from his native Peru a talent that is now being recognised.”


- Robin Smith,  Photographer and journalist

National Geographic, London News, Readers Digest, Time, Encyclopedia Britannic.

More than 25 books published in about 40 countries, over 500,000 copies. Fifth best seller of all time in New Zeland.  Shell book of the year 1973.

"I have known Diego for six years now and he has always fascinated me with not only his abilities as business person and artist but also his journey to where he is now and will be going in the future. Diego is an inspiration to me and has helped me in me fulfill my aspirations and in the continuation of my journey. Be inspired by his knowledge, creativity and a passion for life. I count him as a friend. With inspiration and passion.”


- Ian Cleland, CEO About People magazine

"Hi Diego, THANK YOU -

I spent some time last night reading your website, being touched by your incredible words and paintings. 

Please feel free to use the post to your advantage. I will also be posting on facebook."


-Keith Wright, Founder and Marketing Director - Book LOVE IS

​“The Painters' Gallery and in particular the artwork of Ceasius Kakius has brought me personally an immense feeling of passion for one of my favourite things in life, art & colour. The depth, the amount of emotion and the detailed beauty of his paintings, creative books & the entire community work and initiation to other local artists through his gallery has inspired me to paint again, find expression of self through creativity and in the process meet extraordinary people. Thank you!”


- Maira Widholzer, Director of The Pink Phoenix Group


"I wandered past the Gallery on Saturday and was instantly drawn to your pictures in the window. I wandered in and was shown around your works. I was fascinated by how they told/showed one thing from afar with so many small stories and thoughts close up. My favorite piece was The Nest, The Balloon. Just stunning. Your Compulsive Thinker piece summed up my life right at this time. Let go of the past, forget about the future and live for today. I think the nest/balloon also represented in a similar more subtle way. I came back a couple of hours later to buy the compulsive thinker (as I could not afford the other) however after staring at it for about 20 mins I couldn't buy it as in fact it felt too close to home at a time of significant change in my life that I was almost too scared to have it on my wall . However I would like to let you know that I loved your work - they are so thought provoking. I have never been drawn into a piece of art like this but have thought about it all weekend and so thought you might want to know. Should you have further exhibitions I would be very interested in seeing them. Wishing you the best of luck with your work."

- Rochelle Waterhouse, art lover and collector.


"​These are amazing!"

- Michelle Slayter, art collector

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