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Ceasius Kakius Animation Competition

The Rules:
Create a short 2D or 3D animation (min 10sec, max 1min) based on the image of Ceasius Kakius' Spaceship (Artwork title: The Ghost and the Child in You) We want to see it fly!
If you want to add extra characters or a storyline that is up to you, the more creative the better! Check out the PORTFOLIO for artwork and inspiration, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Painters’ Gallery to speak with the artist or gain access to the collection of original paintings or HD images. The fist volume of “The Story of Ceasius Kakius”, a children’s book that introduces the characters and themes surrounding the spaceship, is also available to buy for $29 if you feel this would help.

The Prize:
The winner, along with 4 runners up, will have their animated films publicly screened at the opening night of the Ceasius Kakius exhibition & book launch in November 2013. The winner will be awarded the “Winning Animation” prize from the Painters’ Gallery; an artwork valued at $5000 and may be offered an opportunity to work alongside Ceasius Kakius and his team on various projects with the ultimate aim of hopefully developing his series of contemporary children’s books into an animated feature film.

The Competition:
Entry is FREE. There will be no application fee required to enter, this competition is open to anyone who would like to apply! Email the Painters' Gallery (or click the button below) and request the full competition information, submission form and a signed copy of "The Story of Ceasius Kakius" (for sale for $29.95).

Entries will be reviewed by a panel of Guest Judges ranging from professional artists, animators, producers and directors, as well as Ceasius Kakius himself.

Submission deadline is 01 September 2013.

Hosted and supported by the Painters' Gallery & The Manly Hub 


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